If you are a certified medical practitioner
download the app & build
your customer base.


Join our curated network of professionals. We only partner with limited professionals in particular cities based on the quality and rankings. We create a digital profile of professionals and clinics and then market it extensively in your behalf, saving you the complete marketing cost, our AI acts like as an assistant for professionals automating a lot of processes for a seamless experience.  

  • High advertising cost with no guaranteed result.
  • Paid registrations with other platforms.
  • Difficulty in acquiring new clients.
  • Spreading awareness is a challenge.

  • AI auto connects with maximum number of users actively seeking for medical care.
  • Completely digital & transparent process.
  • Automated appointments & Payments based on your availability.
  • Displaying your service catalogue to prospective customers looking for various procedures and diagnostics around you.
  • Unlimited cloud storage with PLOCKER for EMRs.
  • AI powered technology enables to reduce the operational costs significantly.