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Has J.K Rowling done better for literature than William Shakespeare?

13 February 2018, 05 10 pm

Sai praneeth Gundapaneni - Good evening all. As a matter of fact I strongly believe that J.K Rowling had done better for literature than William Shakespeare through her work Harry Potter. 13 February 2018, 05 10 pm

T Sree rama murthy - Yes, i do agree on what my colleague has said. We all know that William Shakespeare was one of the greatest writer ever we had in our minds. But the present writers, have surpassed him in terms of cultural impact. Basing on this impact, his influence could last only for few century's of the human's history. 13 February 2018, 05 21 pm

Aravind Sirangu - Though Shakespeare is one of the greatest writer, his writings are limited a small number of people who are rich with vocabulary. On the other hand JK Rowling's writings are very sophisticated that even a child can able to get through Harry Potter and enjoy the essence. 13 February 2018, 05 32 pm

Sai praneeth Gundapaneni - You cannot judge that by just saying Shakespeare is great so he is the best.We all know Shakespeare has given his best. But when it comes to the point which was his problem that is still continuing is many reader's struggle to understand Shakespeare's English, because contemporary English has drifted long back into reality. But where as J.K Rowling, she has made use of the contemporary style of writing in the best possible way due to which even small children who can read also understand her. 13 February 2018, 05 38 pm

T Sree rama murthy - Correction, 'she didn't amaze people for centuries', It's been 28 years she started writing, and with a such a short time she has amazed millions of people present around the globe. From children to elders, everyone can understand her where as Shakespeare was only restricted to high level of understanding. So that's the main reason why J.K Rowling is splendidly better than Shakespeare. 13 February 2018, 05 51 pm

Sai praneeth Gundapaneni - If we can notice, many of the writers of this generation do not use Shakespeare's vocabulary in their writings. They use the contemporary English as of my friend has mentioned. And for example, if you use the Shakespeare way for writing a line that,"Off with his head", about getting into denouncing witchcraft. Things get more complicated when usage of such language is done. 13 February 2018, 06 00 pm

Aravind Sirangu - Shakespeare's plays had entertained people in the past when there was a small number of literated people, but JK Rowling's work, in modern era had reached to millions of people in the modern world and the sophisticated language of the work will carry it through the centuries. 13 February 2018, 06 07 pm

Sai praneeth Gundapaneni - When we think of the introduction of modern English,he has introduced a better way of writing but that wasn't the proper English to communicate with anyone of us as it's presented with fact by now that, by the line "Off with his head" is not all understood by the opponent team. So by now, we can conclude that J.K. Rowling has done a lot better for literature. 13 February 2018, 06 11 pm

Sai praneeth Gundapaneni - It's so astonishing of my opponent team that, they didn't a know line or they did not even understand a Shakespeare line mentioned and they are saying that Shakespeare literature is useful for the current literature presented by anyone. How witless is that of my opponent team. 13 February 2018, 06 25 pm

Sai praneeth Gundapaneni - The same writings that you are speaking my friend, that can be seen in our daily newspapers or articles. Reading them also can help you know about improving your own vocabulary or identifying any unknown words. You don't to read any Shakespeare's script to identify any ''difficult words'' . 13 February 2018, 06 30 pm

Sai praneeth Gundapaneni - We are not underestimating anyone from the other side. We took a live example of the line written by Shakespeare. When we ourselves find it difficult for understanding, should we think that Shakespeare literature will be understood by the present world in anyone of their usage? 13 February 2018, 06 35 pm

Sai praneeth Gundapaneni - It means the opposition team members has no idea about what their own team members have said (about the difficult words). That's so unusual for us to see. 13 February 2018, 06 39 pm

Aravind Sirangu - My dear friends, as you mentioned Got, though threre are other works that you may find interesting but JK Rowling's Harry Potter has the record of the highest number of copies sold, and probably no other book may compete with this as of now. 13 February 2018, 06 41 pm

T Sree rama murthy - And,your team says the same point repeatedly that influence of Shakespeare on people but that's not the point at all. Shakespeare has done better with his work of literature from medieval times to modern times of the history. But at present the work of J.K Rowling from the year 1990, she was successful with contemporary style of writings that has been helping even now for many of the writter's. 13 February 2018, 06 48 pm

Sai praneeth Gundapaneni - Shakespeare's language wont be a part of anyone's literature. It will be remembered as the greatest scripts of all time. But my friend's, you should think about the present which means that Shakespeare has done the best for his factor of time. But now J.K. Rowling has made literature better than William Shakespeare for all the millions of enthusiastic readers present and it's her era of time where no matter of the age, her contribution will also be a part for anyone. 13 February 2018, 06 55 pm

Aravind Sirangu - My dear friends, you should never say that JK Rowling had done nothing better., every single writer or author had made their own contributions to the field of literature in their own way 13 February 2018, 07 28 pm

Aravind Sirangu - JK Rowlings writings are not stick to a single group of people, they are admired all over the world. Her writings influenced the world towards the literature 14 February 2018, 03 11 pm

Aravind Sirangu - Even a child of age 7 can read and enjoy the essence of the Harry Potter books, likewise by her books many people were attracted to the literature in the early ages 14 February 2018, 03 14 pm

Aravind Sirangu - Shakespeare contributed to the literature mainly through the plays. Whereas JK Rowling's Harry Potter takes us to a completely different and unique world that cannot be found in any other works 14 February 2018, 04 03 pm

Aravind Sirangu - Shakespeare's plays may entertain the people and the audience but JK Rowling's work Harry Potter entertained as well as increased the imagination ability of the people. 14 February 2018, 04 05 pm

Sai praneeth Gundapaneni - When you point the fact that J.K.Rowling work doesn't belong to her. You must be checking the some of the work of Shakespeare when it comes to the point of owning the work. Cervantes was a grate writer of the so called ''Shakespeare's time". He was the creator of the great work behind Shakespeare's ideas and scripts according to the historical research. 14 February 2018, 05 46 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - Hello, friends good evening. Greetings from our side.
13 February 2018, 05 17 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - Thanks to plunes for giving such a wonderful topic. without writers, we can't enter into the fictional universe We can't say that who is great.
13 February 2018, 05 20 pm

Rajesh Koppolu - J.K. Rolling is good. But Shakespeare is far greater than J.K. Rolling. Shakespeare is a classical writer who will endure forever.
13 February 2018, 05 30 pm

Rajesh Koppolu - J.K. Rollings harry potter Series is amazing. Her books are also my favourite. However, Shakespeare has amazed people for centuries and is so beautifully written and contrived; along with the fact that its mandatory for us to study academically at one point or another.
13 February 2018, 05 40 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - William shakespeare laid a path for modern and classic literature....his writings were taken as role model to many young writers....his dramas were successfully playing till today
13 February 2018, 05 42 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - I agree with you shakespeare literature is rich in vocabulary....We should improve our vocabulary to know the essence of English....I think Shakespeare books help a loy in this aspect
13 February 2018, 05 45 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - We cant left the Shakespeare writings just for the reason of high vocabulary....Our talent improve and excels when we take challenges of reading such books
13 February 2018, 05 49 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - We are not concluding he is the best writer....we want to explain theimportance of his his writings influenced the young writers like J.K.Rolling
13 February 2018, 05 51 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - Making a way is bitter difficult than walking on the same way....This is actually happened here...Shakespeare laid a path to the English literature and young writers follow the same path making some improvisations in it....It clearly explains how powerful his writings are
13 February 2018, 05 56 pm

Rajesh Koppolu - In the 16th century, he is the one who created a path for modern English through his writings.He replaced middle English with modern English.
13 February 2018, 06 02 pm

Rajesh Koppolu - I think this that Shakespeare is better because he helped influence our language where as J.K Rowling only produced fictional books and movies. Shakespeare has actually changed the world through his writing, without him, we wouldn't be able to look back to that age and know what the play and writing scene was in the 1500's. Once he showed the world his new experiences and his new, unworldly writings that would always end in tragedies.
13 February 2018, 06 03 pm

Rajesh Koppolu - Comparing the language of Shakespeare and jk Rowling is just an foolish's like comparing our ancestral work with the contemporary works..... without root there is no tree...and I strongly support Shakespeare's work and no doubt his work contributed a lot for past literature, is contributing for the present literature and will continue so
13 February 2018, 06 11 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - An era started with the writings of Shakespeare.....english language has no standard rules before or during this time.Shakespeare's plays become popular that many of his words and phrases embedded in english language to make it standardise....
13 February 2018, 06 13 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - In Shakespeare's days, English grammar,spelling&pronunciation were of fewer standards than current times and his usage of language helped shape modern English.Many expressions have found their way into everyday English speech from all his prolific writings.
13 February 2018, 06 16 pm

Rajesh Koppolu - Yeah I totally agree with my friend... Also Shakespeare wrote atleast 38 plays and over 150 short and long poems, many of which are considered to be the finest ever written in English. His works have been translated into every major living language and still we remember him and his writings . I don't think jk Rowling's acts ,the so called Harry potter would exist after few centuries and the reason is we have some hundreds of fictious stories emerging like GOT, divergent,stranger things etc...
13 February 2018, 06 19 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - Friends generally we read books to improve our vocabulary and to get proficiency in english. While speaking we just focus to use common vocabulary.If the writings are using the same common vocabulary how can we know difficult words ?
13 February 2018, 06 22 pm

Rajesh Koppolu - Don't worry dear opponents,it's not that we didn't get your point it's just that we couldn't stop laughing at the silly argument you are making.....
13 February 2018, 06 28 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - Friends its a debate going on about the literature and you dont have right to underestimate the opponent team.Even you dont know all the vocabulary in English? You are out of topic please be careful while you are talking
13 February 2018, 06 33 pm

Rajesh Koppolu - I never mentioned Shakespeare's writings are meant to learn difficult words....just saying that his works or his literature is the finest thing that we or you people couldn't get ....and let me remind you the even Louis Carrol the author of 'Alice adventures in the wonderland' used many phrases that were in Shakespeare's writings
13 February 2018, 06 36 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - You are sticking on the only thing the style of writing....You people repeating the same point throughout the conversation.The actual topic for the day is who done better for literature...and not whose literature is better
13 February 2018, 06 39 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - I and my friend were explaining how the Shakespeare literature influence the whole english language through his writings and his contribution to the development of language
13 February 2018, 06 41 pm

Rajesh Koppolu - Don't worry if the world would understand his writings or not.... because only English scholars understand them and I think u people should stop trying to understand his work and let me say you one bitter fact, that is just like you people are thinking about Shakespeare's language ,the same thing would repeat after 4-5 centuries later but incase of jk Rowling's writings
13 February 2018, 06 43 pm

Rajesh Koppolu - We humans generally get attracted to the new ones in the market . Different recipes of pizzas attract many people and that the reason the income or the sold pizzas number would be great in number . And so is the Harry potter series
13 February 2018, 06 49 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - By whom works J.K.Rowling influenced?Obviously from the older writers.The only person that comes to mind about English literature is Shakespeare.So definiltely she gone thorugh his writings to improvise the language
13 February 2018, 06 52 pm

Rajesh Koppolu - Why you are diverting the topic the topic is about literature not about a number of books sold.Ok, Shakespeare also introduced characters of Romeo and Juliet which are revolutionary characters.
13 February 2018, 06 54 pm

Rajesh Koppolu - Let me remind you friends,jk Never made literature better, she just made the language simpler and added fiction to that language and her writings are never real
13 February 2018, 06 59 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - We actually want to convey that shakespeare influence more with his writings.....
13 February 2018, 07 56 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - Shakespeare’s writings were played as dramas for many centuries.This clearly meant how his writings really impress all sections of people
14 February 2018, 03 29 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - Each writer has their unique style of presenting. At shakespeare's that is in 14th century their is only few ways to express their works.,through plays
14 February 2018, 04 10 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - If he belongs to this century undoubtedly his writings may attract the people through movies,acts,short films
14 February 2018, 04 13 pm

Venkata sunil kumar Siram - We don't said that J.K.Rowlings doesnt belong to her.We are trying to convey that Shakespeare writings influence the new writers in improvising and making the language better so that many can enjoy the essence of english
14 February 2018, 05 58 pm

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Sai praneeth Gundapaneni
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Venkata sunil kumar Siram

Live Comments

Vinay Tirumala Feb 14 at 06:41 pm

shakespeare is king in literacy his plays are awesome. j.k.rowling stories are only for children, like monsters,magic. well going sunil.... good luck..i will support u..

Rishi Preetam Feb 14 at 02:45 pm

I support Vijay tej

Satish kumar Voonna Feb 14 at 01:27 pm

Jk Rowling imagination skills are too out of box than shakespeare

Satish kumar Voonna Feb 14 at 01:27 pm

Jk Rowling imagination skills are too out of box than shakespeare

Harish Jaladi Feb 13 at 08:04 pm

Well said Sunil Kumar siram. If we compare J.K. Rowlings with Shakespeare. Shakespeare is much famous and his literacy is awesome and he introduced more and more words in English. And Shakespeare is simply the god of English.

Harish Jaladi Feb 13 at 08:04 pm

Well said Sunil Kumar siram. If we compare J.K. Rowlings with Shakespeare. Shakespeare is much famous and his literacy is awesome and he introduced more and more words in English. And Shakespeare is simply the god of English.