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Does One vote really Count?

13 February 2018, 05 44 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - Yes It Does 13 February 2018, 05 44 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - What ever the government is their now's purely on people's vote..!! 13 February 2018, 06 08 pm

Anand Khajjidoni - Yes ,dear frnd obviously vote really matters.. 13 February 2018, 06 15 pm

Anand Khajjidoni - Whatever, one must vote as per his knowledge than only a leader can be choosen. so vote really counts. 13 February 2018, 06 18 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - The one who is in their particular authority,they have elected from the votes itself... 13 February 2018, 06 18 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - money is not every thing,more over the people concentrates on mony or not, they need to vote one or the other person to choose a leader ... 13 February 2018, 06 21 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - Then obevesly the votes really counts.. 13 February 2018, 06 24 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - See they are giving money for the sake of votes only ...then votes matters a lot 13 February 2018, 06 26 pm

Anand Khajjidoni - As per the political system in concerned, votes are the only ways to choose our leader. So, people will have better knowledge to choose our leader. 13 February 2018, 06 28 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - Now a days people's are also so wise to give their votes to a standard powerful leaders ... 13 February 2018, 06 29 pm

Anand Khajjidoni - And even people will know that the leader will rule us. So definately votings are not done blindly by the people,because only those votes decides our leader. 13 February 2018, 06 31 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - Not all people who expect money for their votes..your argument is over lapping the one who votes real for the nation growth .. 13 February 2018, 06 33 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - All the election community is look over it, not to get such kind of miscues things to happen ... 13 February 2018, 06 36 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - Why not.... our great leader called PM is ruling our great India .is not a good leader... 13 February 2018, 06 39 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - No !!by him only, some what our india is standing in front line now a days ..!! 13 February 2018, 06 44 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - The one who may dominate to vote him..but while voting time no one will come to know to whom the particular person is voting ...obviously votes matters a lot ... 13 February 2018, 06 48 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - Whatever the authority he wants know, is purely on votes so votes matters a lot ... 13 February 2018, 06 54 pm

Anand Khajjidoni - My dear frnd, leader really matters but selecting a leader is vry important and that is done by the votes. 13 February 2018, 07 00 pm

Anand Khajjidoni - Selecting the good leader or bad leader is in the hands of peoples. But finally vote is the only thing matters. 13 February 2018, 07 06 pm

Anand Khajjidoni - Yaa. We are waiting to see India as the developed country. But to say that we must go through each and every systems of the society.And votes are really giving justice for that by the good leaders.who are selected by our votes. 13 February 2018, 07 11 pm

Anand Khajjidoni - Then without count how will you declare. He/she is the winner or looser. 13 February 2018, 07 15 pm

Anand Khajjidoni - Dear frnds. I thnk u are only concentrating on the leaders who did this that and all. But procedure followed to elect them is through votes. 13 February 2018, 07 20 pm

Anand Khajjidoni - Once please tern the pages of history and see where our country was and where it is now. We can see the progress in lots of sectors that is made by our leaders and who are selected by the common people throgh the votes. 13 February 2018, 07 24 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - A un ethical leader May win once by dominating ....but again and again to selecting that kind of leader is not possible ...our people are not so fool to select that kind of leader.. 13 February 2018, 07 27 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - Noo!!It's made mandatory that to select a good leader is the the basic thing ..which strangers social ties ... 13 February 2018, 07 56 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - Strongers* 13 February 2018, 07 57 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - Votes only which associated with better health, outcomes, cohesive communities, more effective advocacy, and more !! 13 February 2018, 08 00 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - Having engaged constituents allows non profits to active a group of votes who support their policy goals.this is important because elected officials and policies makers are more likely to pay attention to communities that vote.. 13 February 2018, 08 03 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - It's is simple as that "sample grant agreement for public foundation" 13 February 2018, 08 05 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - And which helps to know the power in they have voiced their opinion on the issues of the day in the good health ... 13 February 2018, 08 10 pm

Rakesh Nagathan - So I call!! For our betterment of our country ...we need to elect a good and efficient leader's only way to elect them is by the VOTE ...So voting really matters a lot...!! 13 February 2018, 08 25 pm

Anand Khajjidoni - Yaa voting matters and even counts dear frnd 13 February 2018, 09 09 pm

Anusha Gogineni - Good Evening!We also want to support the statement!
13 February 2018, 05 48 pm

Anusha Gogineni - Well as it is a debate,We will go against for you that One vote doesn't make any count!
13 February 2018, 05 59 pm

Anusha Gogineni - No No!!Now a days it is not dependent on peoples votes but purely depending on the electoral machines.
13 February 2018, 06 12 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - The voter may not have much knowledge about the leader so if he/she votes it doesnt make any sense.
13 February 2018, 06 12 pm

Anusha Gogineni - Votes doesn't matter.It is a few elite people with lot of power and money that decide what happens to everyone else.So the power is not in the hands of voters!So votes doesn't make any count now a days.
13 February 2018, 06 18 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - What if he/she votes with out any proper knowledge?
13 February 2018, 06 19 pm

Anusha Gogineni - Yeah they got authority not by votes but by their dominance,giving money,fearing them etc..
13 February 2018, 06 22 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - If money doesn"t matter why the politicians are giving money to common people?The votes gained through money are useless.Such a government does not help poor and does not strive for the development of nation.
13 February 2018, 06 24 pm

Anusha Gogineni - In what way the votes obviously count?What is the use from a leader who is elected by people in hunger of money?
13 February 2018, 06 27 pm

Anusha Gogineni - All people may not have knowledge of voting.So how can you say they have better knowledge in electing a correct leader?Not everyone is very intellectual.
13 February 2018, 06 30 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - But a typical voter may not have much knowledge about voting.Only some people are wise enough to choose powerful leaders.What about the remaining people who are illiterate and innocent?
13 February 2018, 06 31 pm

Anusha Gogineni - But now a days the voting is done using electoral machines.We are not sure that they will only give the output for the votes we gave.Some can manipulate the machines who have power!I'm that case people votes doesn't count..
13 February 2018, 06 32 pm

Anusha Gogineni - There are some people who blindly vote for the people who gave lot of money to them.In this case Is the vote really worth of choosing a great leader?
13 February 2018, 06 34 pm

Anusha Gogineni - Our argument is right because now a days people who vote for the sake of money are over lapping the people who vote for real people!!!
13 February 2018, 06 35 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - Most of the people vote for money,gifts and liquor offered to them.If people are choosing correct leaders why the great leaders are not ruling us?
13 February 2018, 06 36 pm

Anusha Gogineni - There are so many cases in which electoral machines at hacked.Even the officials are taking care on other side they are hacking them.
13 February 2018, 06 37 pm

Anusha Gogineni - Now a days obviously the votes doesnt count!It's the power or dominance that is counting.The votes of people doesn't count anymore.
13 February 2018, 06 39 pm

Anusha Gogineni - He is not a great leader.He is showing partiality to some states to gain votes for coming elections.A great leader treats all states equally and develop them!
13 February 2018, 06 42 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - If all the powerful leaders are ruling us,why Trump is ruling America?
13 February 2018, 06 43 pm

Anusha Gogineni - One thing for sure,Now a days its not the people votes that really count but the dominance or power of some people that counts!
13 February 2018, 06 44 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - If you observe keenly many leaders who are genuine are not elected due to the dominance of greedy political leaders who are offering different gifts for votes.
13 February 2018, 06 45 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - If those powerful people rule us every common man will live happily without poverty.
13 February 2018, 06 47 pm

Anusha Gogineni - Some what but not completely!!Todays politicians want power and money thats it!They don't want peoples happiness!Then why to vote for them?
13 February 2018, 06 48 pm

Anusha Gogineni - What happens if he vote for bad leader?Is there any use of the vote?
13 February 2018, 06 50 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - But there is a sympathy for people who have collected money from the leaders and they may dont like to cheat the leaders.Even a common man bothers about cheating but our politicians never because what they want is authority.
13 February 2018, 06 51 pm

Anusha Gogineni - You are saying whatever the leader is,however the leader is he gained authority because of vote.How can it make any sense?How your vote will count?If it leads to harmful for society then how it will count?
13 February 2018, 06 58 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - So are u encouraging the votes which are not genuine???What u are saying is votes matter but the leader does not....and what we want to say is LEADER matters but the votes dont.....
13 February 2018, 06 58 pm

Anusha Gogineni - You are only concentrating on he/she gain authority through votes.So votes count.In what way they count?Are the votes helpful for betterment of society??
13 February 2018, 06 59 pm

Anusha Gogineni - Yeah my dear friend!What is the use of votes if bad leader gets power?Do the votes make any sense?
13 February 2018, 07 02 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - haha..My friend...If those votes are corrupted votes then what is the use of those votes???C'mon....Howmany years we have to study that "India is a developing country"??Dont u want to see India as a "DEVELOPED COUNTRY"??
13 February 2018, 07 04 pm

Anusha Gogineni - What is the use of voting to a leader who is not at all sufficient to serve the country?In this case how can the vote really count?
13 February 2018, 07 10 pm

Anusha Gogineni - Vote may matter but it doesn't really count!!
13 February 2018, 07 12 pm

Anusha Gogineni - Who are good leaders?Every leader elected now a days through votes are selfish.They see their own deeds and they want MONEY!MONEY!MONEY! Then what is the need of electing them through votes?Votes are nowhere giving justice in present world!So our votes doesnt count!!
13 February 2018, 07 16 pm

Anusha Gogineni - What is the need of counting the votes if they already have their pre-elected leader?
13 February 2018, 07 19 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - What if voter fraud occurs??
13 February 2018, 07 22 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - Do u people guarantee in those cases where voter fraud and vote buying happens?
13 February 2018, 07 23 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - And if u see the dark side of history many powerful people remained back.If those people rule us,the results will be remarkable.
13 February 2018, 07 31 pm

Anusha Gogineni - There are some people who don't think for better leader and just vote for the wrong people.Many people don't have the proper knowledge of voting.They vote according to the wish of other people?In this case Does the vote really count??
13 February 2018, 07 32 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - There are many cases where an unethical leader ruled us for several times due to their political influence and power.They lay the foundation to rule us again and again.
13 February 2018, 07 33 pm

Anusha Gogineni - Finally I conclude that in present society the votes of people doesn't count really.The power or dominance of people is all that count.Todays politicians are very selfish.The only thing they need is MONEY!They do any mean to get MONEY.So they stand as politician and do any type of means to attract people for votes.They give money,fear people etc to gain votes.The majority of people act accordingly to them and vote for them.
13 February 2018, 07 49 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - Finally what we want to say is IT IS A PROVEN FACT THAT ONE VOTE DOES NOT REALLY COUNT...!!!!
13 February 2018, 07 52 pm

Anusha Gogineni - Then what is the need of voting?It cost some severe damage to society.So what is the need of vote to be counted when it is of no use.So,In present world A VOTE DOESN'T REALLY COUNT!!
13 February 2018, 07 53 pm

Anusha Gogineni - There are many leaders who don't care about people needs?So what is the scenario in that situation?
13 February 2018, 08 24 pm

Anusha Gogineni - I am saying everyone doesn't think in a right way.Majority of people depend on money given by a person to vote.So his/her vote is wasted by voting to a wrong leader.
13 February 2018, 08 28 pm

Anusha Gogineni - And you are saying Vote Matters!A vote may matter but it doesn't count for a better society.It has become a way for many leaders to get voted and make more and more MONEY.
13 February 2018, 08 33 pm

Sruthi Ganjam - It doen't matter my friend
13 February 2018, 09 14 pm

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