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Should there be any zoos in the world?

13 February 2018, 06 46 pm

Vijay Tej - My opinion is that the zoos should not be there, zoos are businesses that capitalize on breeding, buying, and selling animals. Their main priority is profit, not animal welfare. 13 February 2018, 06 46 pm

Vijay Tej - When it come to feeding nothing seems easier than to have your food delivered and served. But when it comes to lions and other carnivorous animals getting served zoo slop put them in danger. 13 February 2018, 08 11 pm

Vijay Tej - Light and sound also have negative effects on animals held in captivity. According to a study published in applied animals behaviour science noise levels measured in two northern California zoos has sound ranging from 62 to 72 decibels compared to the noise levels of a rainforest which can average about 27 dbs 13 February 2018, 08 16 pm

Guna Varma - When the animals may find stressful is hard to asses.when these stresses go unnoticed and the result can be really bad. 13 February 2018, 08 23 pm

Guna Varma - In some cases there are malfunctions of the habitats ' life support system' that causes the death of the animals 13 February 2018, 08 24 pm

Vijay Tej - Yeah guna ,I agree with you. Zoo should recruit only experts who can examine the zoo and they should have employees who are qualified to work in those environment or the effect will be on the animals. 13 February 2018, 08 28 pm

Vijay Tej - Researchers at San Diego zoo studied cheetahs and other eating habits while in captivity ,have discovered that processed foods lack " Hassle factor" which cheetahs need to dull down there molars and is critical for good dental hygiene. 13 February 2018, 08 34 pm

Vijay Tej - Sometimes ,members of zoo comunity also support to use animals for medical experiments ,one of the example like Cleveland zoo 13 February 2018, 09 41 pm

Guna Varma - Yes I think u have a point Vijay as u stated earlier that light and sound effect animals ..yes ,if the light levels are higher than they're supposed to be or maintaining a low light situation keep animals less aggressive . 14 February 2018, 06 13 am

Mohan Gattamanani - Let's talk about elephants which are one of the keystone species, playing an important role in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems in which they live the treatment of elephants are at the forefront of the debate against zoos. Elephants are used to living in huge matriarchal families and are innately social creatures. 14 February 2018, 01 51 pm

Mohan Gattamanani - By being held in captivity with only one other elephant, that they may not be compatible with ,causes stress and shorter their life span 14 February 2018, 01 51 pm

Guna Varma - I agree with your point Mohan , as elephants in captivity only live half as long as those who live in natural wildlife preserve. 14 February 2018, 01 53 pm

Guna Varma - African elephants can expect to live to 36 yes old in Kenya's ambosele national park compared to zoo elephant who live to be about 17 yrs and that's too bad. 14 February 2018, 01 54 pm

Mohan Gattamanani - Captivating the sea world is insane as some of primitive species are held small containers which effects animals from getting enough sunlight and one of the incident took place when huge loss of life stringray in Chicago zoo due to low oxygen levels in the container .this type of malfunction leads to disaster. 14 February 2018, 02 11 pm

Mohan Gattamanani - And The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) said in 2007 that member zoos were being actively encouraged to kill unwanted animals, including tigers, if other zoos did not want them and if they were hybrids. This kind of polices will make by zoo communities and Clearly states that their main to get profit. 14 February 2018, 02 11 pm

Guna Varma - Bears are one of my favorite animals,did anyone of that great thing about bears they love exploring, but they are trapped life less and alone.No fun makes them circle frantical in zoos, bears are active for 18 hours everyday captivating them surely effects them 14 February 2018, 02 46 pm

Guna Varma - While polar bears love playing With their cubs..but holding them in classical cages will effects them psychology made me them to bite the bars of cages due to stress 14 February 2018, 02 46 pm

Mohan Gattamanani - Yeah guna you are exactly true ,Everyone thinks that gorillas are aggressive animals but that are actually very shy, zoos are too noisy and allow no privacy ,they need to feel calm and safe.they hate being disturbed . Actually these animals don't belong to zoo 14 February 2018, 02 48 pm

Vijay Tej - Zoos are for showing purpose,Because people love seeing baby animals at zoos, lots of zoos breed animals to make more babies, and, as a result, make lots of money. When babies grow up, though, they aren’t as popular. Zoos often trade, loan, or sell adult animals who aren’t making them as much money as when they were younger. Can you even imagine someone getting rid of you just because you weren’t a baby anymore? 14 February 2018, 02 54 pm

Mohan Gattamanani - Most of them think that zoos serve conservation and zoos also claim to breed animals for eventual release to the wild but breeding programmes are primarily to ensure a captive population, not for reintroduction. 14 February 2018, 02 59 pm

Mohan Gattamanani - Many zoos train animals to perform tricks as if they were in a circus. Performing sea lions, birds and elephants can be seen at many UK zoos.they use very painful methods for training them ,they also use electric goads which makes feels so bad. 14 February 2018, 03 13 pm

Mohan Gattamanani - During the government zoo inspection report has revealed that “The animals were very crowded and there was no provision for individual feeding or sleeping areas. There was no visible environmental enrichment. Some of the lions exhibited skin wounds and multiple scars of various age, some fresh, some healed.” 14 February 2018, 03 14 pm

Guna Varma - But not all the zoos have the money to keep their park running .Most zoos struggle with financing all the needs of their animals employees and maintenance of their park 14 February 2018, 03 17 pm

Guna Varma - Wildlife can only be saved by empowering their protection in their own natural habitats—and that means we have to work with local communities and not against them 14 February 2018, 05 42 pm

Mohan Gattamanani - Zoos began life as amusements, and while they have evolved they still exist to make money and tap into a wealthy societal appetite for entertainment. 14 February 2018, 05 45 pm

Vijay Tej - Possibly the biggest lie that zoos tell people is that by visiting them, people will learn about wild animals. But the only thing that zoos teach people is that it’s OK to keep animals in captivity—bored, cramped, lonely, and very far from home. 14 February 2018, 05 46 pm

Guna Varma - Animals in zoos all over the U.S. have been poisoned, been starved, been denied veterinary care, and even been burned in fires. Other animals have died after eating trash that was thrown into their cages, and some animals have even been beaten or killed by people who stole them from their pens. 14 February 2018, 05 51 pm

Vijay Tej - During natural disasters like floods, wildfires, and hurricanes, animals in zoos are often left without any help or ways to escape. For example, after Hurricane Katrina, most of the 10,000 aquatic animals at Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans died after the power failed and employees were forced to leave. 14 February 2018, 05 51 pm

Mohan Gattamanani - Animals’ “normal” behavior isn’t discussed often in zoos because they don’t get to live “normal” lives there. For example, birds’ wings may be clipped so that they can’t fly, aquatic animals often go without adequate water, and many animals who naturally live in large herds or family groups are kept alone or, at most, in pairs. 14 February 2018, 05 55 pm

Vijay Tej - With today’s information on the Internet, educational TV programs, and film documentaries about animals, why should animals suffer so that we can look at them for a couple of minutes? The answer is simple: They should Pledge never to go to zoos!!!. This is our conclusion. 14 February 2018, 05 59 pm

Swapnil Dwivedi - Hi. Yeah, according to us also, Zoos shouldn't be in existence as they keep them bounded and not let animals live their natural life which they deserve as humans.
13 February 2018, 06 55 pm

Swapnil Dwivedi - Many animals are larger in size and they need better and bigger space for their habitat which Zoos aren't capable of doing.
13 February 2018, 07 00 pm

Siddharth Sen - Adding to Swapnil's previous point, i have a solid example that is Tiger and Lion have around 18000 times less space in zoo than they would get in wild life sanctuaries and National Park
13 February 2018, 07 03 pm

Siddharth Sen - Animal need to roam and be free.
13 February 2018, 07 07 pm

Siddharth Sen - Animals in captivity suffer from stress, boredom and confinement
13 February 2018, 07 15 pm

Swapnil Dwivedi - Yes, Sidhharth has made a valid and eminent point. Considering Animals lifestyle, and behaviour, they need aerated and susceptible environment. This can be provided to them through National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries instead of making them live in Zoos.
13 February 2018, 07 19 pm

Ankit Tiwary - Okay Now closing Statement for This Debate .. we can consider both the condition this is because A single coin has 2-side Both Side Are important for Us. We Should Support zoos because the animals are protected ,sheltered,fed .Zoos give people Opportunities to interact with animals safely.Zoos protect animals from poachers, habitat loss,Starvation , and Predators.Zoos also Help endangered species by breeding and that helps stop extinction. Thank You
13 February 2018, 07 40 pm

Siddharth Sen - Yah.. you are right. If people want to see wild animals in real life, they can observe wildlife in the wild or visit a sanctuary
13 February 2018, 07 40 pm

Siddharth Sen - You are right. If people want to see wild animals in real life, they can observe wildlife in the wild or visit a sanctuary.
13 February 2018, 07 42 pm

Swapnil Dwivedi - The points which you made Mr. Ankit is somewhere considerable but not appropriate enough as looking towards animals extinction. They need proper environment in which they not only survive but they also can enjoy their life which natural wildlife environment can only provide. Also, considering the point of shelter, starvation, they all are taken care very well in National Parks and Sanctuaries with natural habitat.
13 February 2018, 08 00 pm

Siddharth Sen - If u see from an animal rights standpoint, we do not have a right to breed, capture and confine other animals, even if they are endangered.So.. Being a member of an endangered species doesn't mean the individual animals have fewer rights.
14 February 2018, 11 03 am

Siddharth Sen - I think Animals live long in wild as compare to zoo.. I have studied that shown an example that elephants kept in zoos do not live as long as elephants in the wild.
14 February 2018, 11 55 am

Siddharth Sen - It is cruel and inhumane to keep animals in cages purely for human entertainment.
14 February 2018, 01 59 pm

Siddharth Sen - We visit the zoo maybe one day in a year for a few hours and we may gain some trivial sense of joy out of it. However, the animals have to stay in that zoo all year roundagainst their natural instincts to roam free. They have no reprieve from their environment. Why should humans think that they can keep animals out of their homes and in glass houses just for human entertainment? It is neither fair nor proportionate.
14 February 2018, 02 00 pm

Siddharth Sen - Humans get food and medical treatment in jails but does that mean that prisoners are happy or that confinement is not punitive? Freedom are for all living things.
14 February 2018, 02 02 pm

Siddharth Sen - If u see in zoo then, baby animals bring in visitors and money but this incentive to breed new baby animals leads to over population. Many animals are sold not only to other zoos, but also to circuses, hunting facilities, and ever for slaughter.
14 February 2018, 05 33 pm

Siddharth Sen - Also, some zoos just kill their surplus animal outright
14 February 2018, 05 33 pm

Siddharth Sen - The vast majority of captive breeding programs do not release animals back into the wild. The offspring are forever part of the chain of zoos, circuses, petting zoos and exotic per trade that buy, sell and barter animals among themselves and exploits animals.
14 February 2018, 05 37 pm

Siddharth Sen - Removing individuals from the wild will further endanger the wild population because the remaining individuals will be less genetically diverse and will have more difficulty finding mates.
14 February 2018, 05 39 pm

Swapnil Dwivedi - so finally .. Zoos is not necessary because they not unite's and educate the community.
14 February 2018, 05 59 pm

Swapnil Dwivedi - I've gone through all points which our opposition team made, so I would like to project some example which clarify why zoos are not better for animals. At Copenhagen Zoo, a two-year-old giraffe named Marius was, as humanely as possible, euthanised, dissected and fed to the lions – while zoo visitors watched. With this act, a huge scandal erupted.
14 February 2018, 06 00 pm

Swapnil Dwivedi - A government -founded study of elephants in UK zoos Found that 54% of the elephants Showed Stereotypies during the daytime.
14 February 2018, 06 05 pm

Swapnil Dwivedi - Also animals have been openly culled at the zoo for the past 30 years. It’s part of life there and since they are allowed to breed naturally, rather than be given contraception, and the zoo has only enough space for a certain number of animals, they're taking wrong steps and making animals life not less than hell.
14 February 2018, 06 06 pm

Swapnil Dwivedi - Since, Zoos have been around for hundreds of years and Australia’s oldest zoo, Melbourne Zoo, opened in 1862, they haven't made much helpful environment for the animals which can be believed convincingly.
14 February 2018, 06 10 pm

Swapnil Dwivedi - As animals are also living beings same as humans, they need to be breeded naturally and It’s part of their freedom. It’s important to have natural behaviour. If we take away that part, then we ourself have to face many problems.
14 February 2018, 06 12 pm

Swapnil Dwivedi - As we are heading towards the end of debate according to the revised timeline, So I would like to give few more points from my side.
15 February 2018, 10 38 am

Swapnil Dwivedi - The main motive of this debate is to find out solutions and give strong and valid opinions on whether Zoos should be banned or not? So, considering all points from both team, I've few suggestions as solutions
15 February 2018, 10 40 am

Swapnil Dwivedi - 1. We should start awaring people about animals safety acts as many campaigns are running. 2. This can be done by giving education to kids right from the childhood if kids will get to know how and why animals are important same as humans then they will respect animals and have positive intent from childhood only to protect animals and not harm them.
15 February 2018, 10 43 am

Swapnil Dwivedi - 3. In our community, we can explore local natural areas like take a nature walk or make a visit to nearby natural wildlife area and observe the life and consents. 4. Many times we didn't know about few species and pass by them not giving any attention to them. So, as humans, we should try to figure out who they belong to and we might learn about new animals and discover some natural habitats.
15 February 2018, 10 50 am

Swapnil Dwivedi - 5. We can also join natural wildlife club or bird watching community so that we could observe and understand their life more lucidly and end up with some new ideas to save and give better life to animals. 6. If someone has enough of land for social cause then, they can give that land for the wildlife release site partnering with wildlife rehabilitation centre.
15 February 2018, 10 55 am

Swapnil Dwivedi - I would also love to add some campaigns running for the safety and welfare of animals and birds.
15 February 2018, 10 57 am

Swapnil Dwivedi - 1. Be Crocwise safety campaign~a new safety campaign educating people to be safe in and around Kimberley waters – has been adopted from the Northern Territory, creating consistent messaging across the top end of Australia. 2. World Animal Protection~ It is an international non-profit animal welfare organization that has been in operation for over 30 years for animal protection by arranging charities.
15 February 2018, 11 01 am

Swapnil Dwivedi - 3. Protection of Animals Act 1934~ It was an act of the British parliament effectively making rodeo, as it then existed, illegal in England, Scotland and Wales. The law was based upon the perceived cruelty to animals exhibited at western rodeos. The act was repealed and replaced by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 respectively. 4.Ban Elephant Rides in India~ World Animal Protection asks the Indian government to ban elephant rides
15 February 2018, 11 06 am

Swapnil Dwivedi - 5. Wildlife Selfie Code campaign~ It has successfully influenced one of the biggest social media sites to educate its users around the suffering wildlife selfies can cause to animals.
15 February 2018, 11 07 am

Swapnil Dwivedi - Now, as it's time to conclude and wind up the debate which eventually went on to become a kind of discussion. I would like to say that nothing can be changed if we don't change. So we have to become a change and bring a social change by taking small steps towards animals protection as it's not only about wildlife sanctuaries and national parks only it's about proper education and awareness. This awareness can lead to ban Zoos and increment in wildlife natural habitats which is ideal for animals.
15 February 2018, 11 12 am

Swapnil Dwivedi - As I've seen nobody is on the motion to add more, So let's end this debate here and pledge from all that: "We as humans keep animals safe whatever the efforts we have make" As, If you don't change then nothing will change.
15 February 2018, 11 14 am

Swapnil Dwivedi - Thanks everyone for giving valuable inputs in this debate. It's not about only Competition, it's about a solution for helping animals and their habitats. So I hope everyone will be on the same train and follow the words said here.. Thanks!!☺️
15 February 2018, 11 16 am

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Eesh tarun Kondapalli Feb 14 at 10:14 pm

We don't need zoo...we got Gitam 😂

Vijay Tej Feb 14 at 06:02 pm

Thanks guna and Mohan for participating with me and sharing ur valuable views.

Harsh Kumar Feb 14 at 06:01 pm

no vijay.. siddharth is right. he is doing only what is right. I think u don't know the terms and condition of this debate. If he is supporting that means he is agree with his points

Vijay Tej Feb 14 at 05:23 pm

Siddharth u r debating with us so u should oppose out views but u r supporting us this indirectly saying that we have won.

Deepak Manikpuri Feb 14 at 12:42 pm

Nice Debate i also Want to join Siddharth team ... nice Argument by siddharth and swapnil

Vijay Tej Feb 13 at 09:13 pm

Thank you for your comment satish

Satish kumar Voonna Feb 13 at 09:01 pm

This is a debate,not a group discussion

Satish kumar Voonna Feb 13 at 09:00 pm

Vijay Ten team first argument was against zoo,as this is debate you should oppose their argument,but here you supported your opponent's argument and messed it up

Satish kumar Voonna Feb 13 at 08:58 pm

First of all,siddath jain you not even know how to debate.

Swapnil Dwivedi Feb 13 at 07:26 pm

buddy give your points. we've already given many points

Swapnil Dwivedi Feb 13 at 07:26 pm

buddy give your points. we've already given many points

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give your points on debate area buddy, why are you commenting here?

Swapnil Dwivedi Feb 13 at 07:19 pm

give your points on debate area buddy, why are you commenting here?

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