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Is our generation short of role models

14 February 2018, 02 55 pm

Abhinav Kumar gupta - I agree with this topic that , our generation have a lack of role models... 14 February 2018, 02 55 pm

Abhinav Kumar gupta - Role models are found in our surroundings . I am saying that if there is no short of role models in our generation then why the children's are being habitual of drugs and undersex, so can we say that these r our role models? 14 February 2018, 03 26 pm

Abhinav Kumar gupta - Role models are found in our surroundings . There has been an increase in children taking drugs and underage sex, kids weren't born with the idea of drugs in there head. They've been influenced by their surroundings. All adults have a role to play, and they need to show the right way about things to kids. I think that if we had more sympathetic and mature role models, the world would be a much better place. The strength of my point is now a days the ratio of drugs inhaler and undersex are growing with an acceleration .. 14 February 2018, 03 50 pm

Abhinav Kumar gupta - Dear Abhishek for your kind information you are keeping an eye on the selected people ,but the role models can be in our surroundings n for the selected one role models we have our wisdoms to choose them but children are not so wise hence they didn't get the perfect one...children can easily adopt to their thing that are present in their surroundings. 14 February 2018, 03 54 pm

Abhinav Kumar gupta - Akriti , if u r saying that the children's are not catching the perfect one but I am asking to that that why they didn't get ?? 14 February 2018, 04 08 pm

Abhinav Kumar gupta - Abhishek as you said that no one force to choose the role models....I agree with this statement but we choose the role one to which we are observing... 14 February 2018, 04 16 pm

Abhinav Kumar gupta - And we mostly observe, in our surroundings and in our surroundings we feel that we are facing with lack of role models. As in the trend one we are seeing the video of Kamlesh , a boy of 10 yrs who is the habitual of sulotion , and saying like that he in heaven ....if he got a role model then I think he can be a good one.. 14 February 2018, 04 23 pm

Abhinav Kumar gupta - Akriti , as we choose our role models to elder one.. That's why i our surroundings we need the best one to be our role models .. and our role models have +be and -ve plays...we have to choose which one are dominat one.... 14 February 2018, 04 28 pm

Abhishek Singh - The Beginning.. Good Afternoon! Well, I am against this topic that our generation is short of role models. We have number of role models indeed with us. All we need to do is recognize these superheroes. We always chose those people as our role model who are in the lime light, and meanwhile, the one who deserves a lot and can be a perfect role model gets neglected by the youths. Somewhere between the glamour of stars, we are unfortunately ignoring the beauty of moon, though unintentionally.
14 February 2018, 03 05 pm

Akriti Parashar - i dont agree with the topic as there are many great people around the globe, who can be a great role model for the youth. most commonly people look up to celebrities for a role model. we dont search or look around for someone to get inspiration from, but if we try to, we can find not only one but two at our oun home. our parents should be the greatest role model in our rather than going out or running behind famous celebrities one should follow their own parents and learn from them.
14 February 2018, 03 21 pm

Abhishek Singh - Not each and every guy is going for drugs and undersex. And the ones, who are addicted to these don't have a role model. We can't say that whatever we do is copied from out role models. I would like to strengthen my point by the point my friend Akriti mentioned, the selection of Role Model is a difficult rtsk. Not everyone can be as sharp and fast as M.S. Dhoni and not everyone can be like Narendra Modi. Those who have a good role model will never go for Drugs!
14 February 2018, 03 33 pm

Akriti Parashar - abhinav for this i would like to say that these children are not choosing their role modles wisely. they think that the people who do all these kind of stuf are cool so they should be told that they are following a wrong person. moreover, they should be motivated to follow someone who can play a role of positive role model in thir life. there are many role models around, some negative and some positive, it is us who has to choose whom to follow.
14 February 2018, 03 34 pm

Abhishek Singh - Well, you are actually confused between role models and peers. It's all about how we chose our role models. Not every person in our surrounding can be our role model know! Your surrounding have Positive people as well as the Negative ones, it's on us that how we chose our role model. No one can force us to chose a role model.
14 February 2018, 04 07 pm

Abhishek Singh - And if for an instance, we take your point that some people in our surrounding is taking the youth to the wrong direction, then my friend, we are here to discuss about short of Role models, and not that we have negative ones too. I agree that there are positive as well as negative people here in between, but it's on us that whom we chose. If some youths are getting addicted to drugs, some too are there who are ready to touch the sky, coz they know which role model to chose
14 February 2018, 04 10 pm

Abhishek Singh - And by the way, I am not at all talking about selected people, I just gave an example in my above points. There are Dons and there are Leaders as well, If someone chooses a don as their role model then we cannot say that there's short of role model, rather that particular person doesn't have idea that whom he/she should chose as their role model.
14 February 2018, 04 13 pm

Akriti Parashar - No one is born with the ability to distinguish between good or bad. So, those children don't know what is right or wrong. It is the elders who have to teach their children about these things, they don't choose the right role model because they don't know whether it is good for them or not. Now both good and bad role models exists, both are equally famous, it is just that children should be told about what is good for them.
14 February 2018, 04 22 pm

Akriti Parashar - And moreover, as I mentioned earlier, parents are the best role models for their children, they should teach their children about good or bad. As about the topic their are many role models, both positive and negative, some are more famous then others. It is who have to find a great and positive role model for us.
14 February 2018, 04 24 pm

Abhishek Singh - Firstly, I am not included in "We" of your statement. Coz I and numerous of Youths perfectly know what's good for them and what's not. Secondly, Yes, we choose our role model from those we observe in daily life. But even if after observing the goods and bads, still a person chooses the wrong role model, then my friend, there's not short of role models, there's rather the short of "Common Sense".
14 February 2018, 04 27 pm

Abhishek Singh - Again, talking on a larger aspect, there's not a "lack" of role model. It doesn't matter what Kamlesh did, what he says and who is his role model! There's always exceptions. Well, not the 100% youths of India can select the best role model. And yes, we are talking about "Role Model", not some grocery item that each of the youth needs their own. The whole population can even follow only one role model. Lack of role model means we don't have even one role model. But we have many of them indeed!
14 February 2018, 04 32 pm

Abhishek Singh - Thank you Abhinav, for supporting Akriti's point that we choose the ones good for us. And again, we need a positive surrounding i.e. we need good friends and peers, not a lot of positive role models roaming here and their. We even can't expect our role model standing besides us at the vegetable shop. We need to observe and search for the best role model. Coz, I repeat, THERE'S DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PEER AND ROLE MODEL.
14 February 2018, 04 37 pm

Abhishek Singh - Well, seems like our opponent is out of points! We are waiting for your point.
14 February 2018, 06 46 pm

Akriti Parashar - there are many good role models around it is just that we are not able to identify them, we know only those who are famous, and have gained popularity. It is us who are not able to find them and learn from them, taking current example, most of us busy with the girl who winks her eye in a random YouTube video and making her viral instead of talking about the people who truly deserve popularity.
14 February 2018, 10 21 pm

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Suraj Rai Feb 15 at 12:11 am

Nice job....akriti.well done.jai ho

Aman rai Rai Feb 14 at 10:58 pm

Nice job akriti

Ashish rai gorakhpur Rai Feb 14 at 10:46 pm

Well done akriti apratim bhai bhi aap ke saath hai hi so keep it up

Thakur ujwal singh gorakhpur Thakur Feb 14 at 10:32 pm

Keep it up akriti gko youth r with you good job and we r impressed...

Abhishek Tripathi Feb 14 at 10:23 pm

All the best Akriti..keep it up

Abhishek Tripathi Feb 14 at 10:22 pm

All the best Akriti

Abhishek Tripathi Feb 14 at 10:22 pm

all the best akriti

Harry Rai Feb 14 at 10:14 pm

Akriti ji aap hi jitenge apratim aap ke saath hai or hm bhi aap debate achee se kijiye

Akriti Parashar Feb 14 at 09:47 pm

Whom so ever from has seen my lines on Chrome...send me a link...get some guts...send me the link...

Abhishek Mishra Feb 14 at 09:36 pm

Akriti nice thoughts you are doing very well keep doing....🙃

Prajjwal Gupta Feb 14 at 09:31 pm

Its Fab... Akriti

Shubham Kumar Feb 14 at 09:26 pm

I am agree with Akriti

Rishabh Singh Feb 14 at 09:11 pm

Well done akriti i m fan of urs

Gautam Sinha Feb 14 at 09:10 pm

Akriti well done

Mukul Mishra Feb 14 at 08:13 pm

Here I end the debate, it's not like we r lacking role models but we are lacking the way we should choose role models ,at early age children never know about good oor bad fir them their parents or elder are role model,as they grow it shif to their teacher and till they know about role model necessities,they have lost their way out....So a education base on selection of role model should be added oor parents and teacher should develop some knowledge about it so they can have a clear view...Lacking role model can never be said but lacking the atmosphere of selection of a good role model in deed needed, so have clear view guys

Deepak Pathak Feb 14 at 06:55 pm

You thought are match with chrome all lines even all words are same

Deepak Pathak Feb 14 at 06:53 pm

Akriti I think I read your data on chrome.I think sooo

Kavya Singh Feb 14 at 06:41 pm

Well done Abhi.....I am with you

Mangalyan India Feb 14 at 06:40 pm

Love from Mars

Danish Khan Feb 14 at 06:36 pm

I am with abhinav

Deepak Pandey Feb 14 at 06:34 pm

I absolutely agree with Abhinav

Apratim Rai Feb 14 at 06:27 pm

I am with akriti parashar

Amrendera Pratap singh Feb 14 at 04:11 pm

I am agree with Abhinav

Amrendera Pratap singh Feb 14 at 04:08 pm

I am agree with Abhinav

Shivam Pandey Feb 14 at 03:50 pm

Its another thing that one can not find one's role models.

Shivam Pandey Feb 14 at 03:49 pm

No our generation is not lacking role models.

Abhinav Kumar gupta Feb 14 at 03:11 pm

I agree with your words but I am saying that our generation are going in habitual of drugs , undersex,etc and the children can't learn these habits self , these are the effect of surrounding and the adults one.

Shivaay Singh Feb 14 at 03:11 pm

Agree with Abhishek. Well done!