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Is internet boon or bane?

06 November 2018, 01 52 pm

Vishakha Bhat - Internet is the lifeline of todays' world. We cannot think of our life without it. 06 November 2018, 01 52 pm

Mayank Gaur - Today many of us are dependent on internet for our work. Children search their homework, collegers search for assignments and professional search for their work. Now no one likes to read books grasp knowledge then do their works all needs shortcut and easy way to complete their task... It is bane for new generation as books are replaced by google. Magazines and newspaper are replaced by facebook reads others status... The minds are not utilized in the right direction. We should spend some of, 06 November 2018, 03 07 pm

Mayank Gaur - Our minds to investigate research and read so that we can get knowledge, habit of reading books and getting ourselves divert from internet.... So we should use internet in right way and in limited amount otherwise it will become bane for us 06 November 2018, 03 10 pm

Vishakha Bhat - Yes this is absolutely right because internet has made us lazy and we have bocome totally dependent on it from our smallest of tasks to bigger one. Human brain's power has reduced a lot 06 November 2018, 03 11 pm

Mayank Gaur - That's why we should restrict ourselves to put our efforts in doing any task not the help of Google... 06 November 2018, 03 13 pm

Vishakha Bhat - Than you for ur support, that is what i m saying it should be used in limit otherwise we will completely become dependent on it. So there should be some functionality to check how much of time ro spent on it and excess of everything is bad. 06 November 2018, 03 15 pm

Mayank Gaur - Ya it's nice to come to such a great conclusion for this debate. Thank you 06 November 2018, 03 19 pm

Vishakha Bhat - Welcome 06 November 2018, 03 22 pm

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Vishakha Bhat
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Swetha Vadala

Live Comments

Swetha Vadala Nov 08 at 04:17 pm

The internet is a lucrative and only depends that how it is used.

Swetha Vadala Nov 08 at 04:16 pm

The internet is used to propagate thous horrific acts however,once again decided anything boon or bane, once need understand complex socio fabric from where the person sees the idea of internet.

Vishakha Bhat Nov 06 at 02:51 pm

If we talk about the abuses likes online fraud etc where we don't have much knoweldge to deal with. Then it becomes bane.

Vishakha Bhat Nov 06 at 02:44 pm

It can be bane if u are not well known about it. Basically not good for children because they are too young to be wise using it

Swetha Vadala Nov 06 at 02:43 pm

Life without the internet is quote a hard thing to imagine these days,especilly if you grown up with the internet around you. People who grew up before the internet began have a wealth of knowledge and experience to what was life before the web.

Swetha Vadala Nov 06 at 02:34 pm

Internet has a great influence IN our lives. It is a boon if used properly and a bane if used excessively. The internet provides vast source of knowledge, so it can be quoted as an boon.