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What is reason for the state are given more powers

09 November 2018, 11 09 pm

Manasali Kaour - the decentralization of power is the reason behind the state are given more power 09 November 2018, 11 09 pm

Manasali Kaour - that is what I am backing about, the state who have their own potential are the developed one 10 November 2018, 12 36 pm

Vishakha Bhat - It is not only decentralization but there are a no.of states that wants more powers and tries to cutoff themselves from other states and have their own power.
09 November 2018, 11 14 pm

Vishakha Bhat - Such states doesn't follow what is required to follow by the whole country. They have their own rules and regulations.
09 November 2018, 11 18 pm

Vishakha Bhat - No that is not true. Such states are not the developed one but they are corrupt ones where most of the economy is accesed by rich ones, nothing is presented before poor one.
10 November 2018, 05 44 pm

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Manasali Kaour
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