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Business law bound laws that instruct how to form new business and also how to deal with issues arising in existing business. Business law provides guidelines which every business should follow. The business law includes company issues, business contract matters, arbitration, share transfer, winding up petitions and notice.

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Q. Dear Sir, I am an employee in Regenersis India Pvt Ltd. which is now taken over by A CTDI company now it is known as CTDI india Pvt Ltd. I am working here from past 3 years now i have quit my job and i have resigned as i have got an better opportunity with a good hike. My resignation is not been accepted by manager & my last date was 10th of May 2017 the same is been mentioned on mail, there concern was to clear all the pending works and knowledge tranfer for my replacement employee everything as per the requirements of management is been fulfilled from my end. Now i hav me only 2 days to get relived even now manager is not sending any acknowledgment to my resignation and he is just playing around. My joining date in next comapany is 12th of May. Please advise.

A. To my knowledge any service agreement restraining employee from choosing better option and better employment is against public policy and hit by sec.23 of contract act and become void. When there is a consensus ad Idem then such an agreement can be enforced as per law.but in your case employer cannot insist upon you to knowledge transfer for your replacement is opposed to law. It is their obligation since no response from them you can quit the job forthwith ...n liberty to join your new employment.

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Q. I am doing a wholesale business of garments and sometimes I sell things on credit basis to my loyal retailers. One of them give me payment by cheque and that cheque is got bounced. Do I have any right to take any action?

Q. My ceo fired me without giving any notice period, and no genuine reason and even he is not giving my dues. On what grounds i can file a case on him?