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Civil law defines norms and guidelines that guard private rights of the citizen as well as offer legal remedies solutions. Some of the issues that come under civil law are personal injury, consumer issues, civil cases, civil disputes, loans, debt recovery, summary suits (summarizes the procedure of suit in case defendant is not having any defense), vehicle-related.

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Supreme Court of INDIA


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Q. My dad (86 y/o) supposedly co-signed an auto loan for someone who didn't pay the loan & got the car repo'ed a couple years ago. He is being sued by the creditor, complete with a summons being served to my address. Dad passed away a year ago. Can my dad or his estate still be sued as a co-defendant despite being deceased?

A. Yes the co-defendant i.e. the Legal Heirs can be sued as its a civil liability. You should check whether the notices are U/s 13(2) of the The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 as then you only have a specific time to reply to the notice and challenge it before the concerned DRT.

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