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Criminal law refers to laws that are applied to criminal acts. It is concerned with the punishment of felons.Criminal law includes motor accidents, criminal acts, cheque bounce, fraud, forgery, cheating, breach of trust, FIR, police action(atrocities) and bail.

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Q. Hi, What should be done in case of eve teasing, what are our rights? Can we file a police complain under criminal charges and what if police does not take any action ? What should be done as it generally happens

A. You can go to police station and complaint against eve teaser under sec 354-D and sec 509 of IPC. If police not lodge fir against them you can go to senior police officer and complaint,s senior officer have power to lodge fir.. if he also fails then you can go court under sec 156(3) of CrPC for direction to police lodge fir.

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Q. If a document has been signed and notarized and has a false statement co trained in the document. Is there any legal action that can be taken in this case?

Q. HI, what should we do if we are harassed by a police man without any reason. Such as if we are roaming in our hometown after dinner and we do it daily, and police man are also known to us where in one last night after dinner we were having a walk just in the neighborhood and we were harassed by policeman without any reason. Misuse of power with sheer nonsense.