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Family law is an area of the law that deals with legal issues related to family matters and domestic relations. Marriage, divorce, alimony, conjugal rights (relation between a married couple), judicial separation, domestic violence,498A(cruelty against women) and child custody are some issues that come under the family law.

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Q. What are the rights of the daughters in father's self acquired property in both married or unmarried conditions ?

A. He is having same rights as son if unmarried and if married after then also she has same rights but only in the condition that her father was alive before 9 september 2005 means before that period if father of married daughter has passed then she can not avail the rights. However, a daughter can avail of the benefits granted by the amendment only if her father passed away after September 9, 2005. Also, the daughter is eligible to be a co-sharer only if the father and the daughter were alive on September 9, 2005.

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Q. Hi, I was married for 6 years, but from last 3 years marriage was not on course so we decided to separate, now the issue is I have 4 year old son and i want the custody of my son at any cost. Can you please suggest what to do ?

Q. Hi, I want to take custody of my 12 year old son from my wife, We are about to get divorced, but she is forcing false claims to get the custody of my son. Please suggest what should I do and what is my best chance to get it. Thanks

Q. I'm living separated from my husband from two years. The house in which he lives with his widow mother is ancestral property. After death of parents and grand parents of my husband, my mother in law took that property in her name. My husband planned to divorce me in influence of his mother. Later my mother in law abandoned my husband. My husband had left his job ( he was working in MNC). Now i dont know whether he is working or not. They dont want to give me a single penny. Thats why they are doing this (strategy). Can i get maintenance? I'm not working and i'm high school pass. Can my mother in law evict my husband from ancestral property? Do i have any right in the property?