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Property law states rules that govern various forms of ownership and tenancy in real estate business. Property law incorporates buying, selling, partition, sale deeds, gift deeds, builder issues, wills, tenant issues, landlord issues, SARFAESI and DRT etc.

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M kishore Kumar

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Adv Amareshgouda Malipatil

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Questions asked by Users in this Category - Property Law

Q. Hi I have a step mother and my father died last year. Now my step mother wants me to be out of every property that my father held. And is planning just against me and taking actions as well. Is there any way that I can hold control of the property of my father. And what is the right that my step mother has over the property and her children as well. Am i the first person to claim the property.

A. Yes, dear Anirudh. You are the first person and legal heir to the property as you are the kid of the first wife of your father, I believe. Therefore, as class I legal heir, you are the appropriate owner. But, ofcourse you have to share some of the properties with them too. This is for your kind information. You can take legal course against your step mother and her siblings. No need to fear as you have the legal rights.

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Q. I have rented a shop 10 years ago and now the tenant refuses to increase the rent as well as vacate the shop. I have also filed a case in session court, its been around 3.5 years and the case is still running (appeal in session court ). My advocate is doing nothing except taking money every month and taking new dates. So what should i do to finish the case in 1-2months? Please help!

Q. We are three brothers and two sisters. Our father died 2003 Mother died 2017 June House at Anand Niketan is still fathers name. we have fathers unregistered will. Sisters have written that they did not want any share in house. But bigger brother is living in one floor and rented out other floor keeping whole rent. He doesn't want to give two brothers share. Can you tell us how can we get Back our shares.

Q. My landlord is not giving my security money of worth 45k He is telling some unnecessary reasons for this which are irrelevant and I am having all proofs. And he is having good contact with local police. So On what grounds I have to file my FIR so that no police officer can deny my application?