Plunes - A Social Utility Network

PLUNES is a utility network where anyone can have your own Lawyer and Doctor anywhere anytime. Students can also join and have some real experience of solving client's conerns with experienced professionals. You can start debate with anyone and can create Video CVs and Video Presentations.


Social Utility Network

In the age of internet you are bombarded with information you just start typing and options are plenty, but most of it is paid ads or links which are optimized by professionals to result on top on search engines while searching something. Every word that you type is sold to advertisers.


So you have very little options to determine the credibility of the information of Lawyers or doctors that you get, as because we generally choose first few links on the search engines it results in increasing costs of the consultations that we wanted because of the monopoly of few top players who can afford to place ads on top of search engines.


You will agree with us when we tell you that an online legal or medical consultation cost thousands of rupees. And if by chance there is any document or reports that you need to verify it again will cost you thousands. And again there are reliability issues. You cannot determine the quality of advice you received. Apart from that you have to pay in advance and then wait for the appointment to be scheduled.


Where in PLUNES offer you an opportunity to have your own lawyer and doctor anywhere anytime for free. You can send notices, verify documents or medical reports by just sitting over your sofa. You can determine the location, experience and area of expertise of a Lawyer or Doctor before consulting them you can even check the previous consultations he/she has offered. Options are plenty to determine the credibility or availability of any professional.


We ensure that you can best validate the solution that is offered to you. And so to achieve that we have created PLUNES in a manner that as soon as you receive the solution from one professional other lawyers or doctors of same expertise can also offer the solution on your concern. They can subject the solution to challenge if it is not correct.


And then there is an option of PROFESSIONALS ON DEMAND, you can "hire lawyer or doctor instantly" no more pending scheduled appointments. You can have telephonic consultations, email consultations, video consultations or chat with professionals all for up to 24 hours. Send notices, review reports all by just sitting over your sofa, still if situation demands you can meet the professionals in person.


Now the question is what is a utility network? Utility network is where anyone can Connect, Earn and Learn, and is offered with compelling services which helps you increase your various skills, few of the features are following.


Live Debates:
Anyone can start debates on any topic they deem important, you can raise any issue and topic and start a debate with your friends, classmates or colleagues. You can enhance your skills as well as the debate will be shown to every user of PLUNES and you will receive live votes from them based on your arguments.

Video CVs or Professional Videos:
We provide you the one of its kind platform to create video CV, video tutorials, video presentations and space to store your videos at our servers for free so that you can share your videos with anyone with just one link. Because it is not possible to share hundreds of MB videos on emails, so instead just share a link.

For Students:
PLUNES offer the unique opportunity for students to have real time experience of solving client concerns from experienced professionals. They can connect with them and learn the nuances of their respective professions from early stages. They can connect earn and learn.

At PLUNES you can connect with any professionals of your choice as well as with your classmates, friends and colleagues. And discourse is an option to engage with them in a productive manner. You can have colloquial conversation while staying in the realm of your profession. So just sign up to get started. Create your utility network.