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Millions of people still cannot access adequate healthcare services and legal services in India due to the shortage of doctors and lawyers respectively.

According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, India has 0.7 doctors per 1,000 people – lower than Pakistan’s 0.8, China’s 1.5, and the UAE’s 2.5.India is short of nearly 500,000 doctors, based on the World Health Organization (WHO).Over 2 million children die every year in India due to improper medical care. Generally, women and girls in rural areas are not allowed to visit doctors due old norms and tradition whereas urban women are also shy or embarrassed to share their problems with a gynecologist.

Judiciary is pivotal for a nation’s development and lawyers are the guardians of democracy. In India, we need more lawyers than engineers who can provide constructive solutions to the ongoing problems and lead the society to progress and change.

In India, it costs you an arm and leg to consult a doctor or lawyer. Moreover, you have to exhaust yourself to schedule appointments and travel long distances to seek doctor’s or lawyer’s advice.

We encounter this problem by providing you virtual consultation service at your fingertips anywhere anytime at


PLUNES is the best utility network where you can have your own lawyers and doctors anywhere anytime for free. This is a platform where you can ask your legal and medical concerns to country’s best doctors and lawyers online from any part of the nation. At PLUNES, we have more than 54 categories of doctors in almost every domain of medicine. You can pick your own specialist from any part of the country. We have professionals with more than 30 years of experience connected with us. Their wealth of experience will help you with best possible solutions. You can choose multiple doctors of various categories according to your need, and stay connected with them.

PROFESSIONALS ON DEMAND is our exclusive feature, opting which you can hire any professionals instantly anywhere anytime for 24 hours. It is easily accessible, inexpensive and stress-free way at your fingertips. With this feature, you can chat or speak with your chosen professionals for up to 24 hours and get solutions for any of your medical or legal concern. You can also experience free video consultations with country’s top doctors anywhere anytime.

PLUNES is a user- friendly platform where you can ask your queries and receive best and reliable solutions from experienced doctors and lawyers of your choice. Doctors and lawyers of same expertise can also comment their solution and hence you can best validate the solution that is offered to you at Here, you have the liberty to ask multiple questions from multiple doctors and lawyers about your any concerns. You can send notices, verify documents or medical reports by just sitting on your sofa.


Health is important-Protect it with PLUNES because WE CARE.


PLUNES is a platform for you to ask any medical concern (Whether it’s about a broken nail or any chronic disease) and get the best possible solution from top doctors FOR FREE. PLUNES believe that every individual (poor or rich) deserves justice. As we know lawyers cost you a fortune even for a single hearing or legal consultation

PLUNES provide you a platform where you can consult country’s top lawyers online for free of cost because WE believe every individual should get fair and square chance to fight for righteousness.

With PLUNES, you can send notices, verify documents or medical reports from professional without leaving your home.