Discourse is an interchange of ideas and viewpoints between two individual or more associated with each other for some purpose.

Discourse is a constructive force as it shapes our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and values with others sharing the same or different interest.


Discourse is a PLUNES attempt to reconstruct modern internet discussion platform.


PLUNES exclusive ‘Discourse’ feature offers you an opportunity to connect with your classmate and friends as your colleagues by adding them to your colleague’s directory on plunes.com. You can add expert doctors and lawyers in your utility list by clicking on add to utility option. Connecting with experts of your choice and with colleagues will help you in building foundations of your professional journey.


Nowadays we have a plethora of chatting sites or networks available to every one of us where we waste our precious time on trivial activities. Therefore, PLUNES Discourse is a productive platform exclusively designed for our users so that they can engage effectively and in a productive manner with their colleagues.


Discourse is a platform where individuals can discuss various important topics with each other. Discourse helps colleagues to connect with each other and discuss various topics. We have people of various racial, ethnic and spiritual background, all of which influence their belief system. Therefore, people have different views on the same subject matter and it helps people understand each other view points on a matter. Discourse help an individual to increase his/her knowledge base, critical as well as analytical thinking. Discourse boosts your ability to structure and organize your thoughts.


At PLUNES, you can determine PDF of your discourse with any colleague. PDF is Productive Discourse Factor which helps a user to evaluate how productive were their recent discourse?


PLUNES evaluate every discourse and display your PDF (Productive Discourse Factor) to you the moment yours discourse sessions end with your colleague. You can share your PDF with your colleagues and disclose them how efficient and productive was your discourse on a scale of 1 to 10.


PLUNES ‘Discourse’ helps you evaluate productivity of your Discourse and encourages you to increase your productivity if your PDF is low. Discourse is PLUNES new approach to indulge people into productive discussions instead of wasting time chatting on social networks.