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At PLUNES we offer you "free doctors online". You can consult any doctor anytime free of cost.

Medications and healthcare sectors are getting expensive day by day. Getting an appointment from a doctor is a hard nut to crack. Doctors demands high consultancy fees and are still not available in the time of emergencies.

We provide more than 54 categories of "Best Indian Doctors" covering almost every field of medicine available to you anywhere, anytime. You can ask any healthcare query and get solutions from our top doctors.

Doctors on demand is a unique feature from where you can hire any doctor instantly anywhere anytime, and you can have email consultations, telephonic consultations, video consultations or chat with doctors all up to 24 hours for FREE.

Whenever you receive a solution from a doctor other doctors of same expertise can also comment their solution on your concern so that you can best validate the answer that is offered to you. So we make it sure that you receive best solution at plunes.com. You also have the liberty of asking multiple doctors about your concerns.

With our discourse feature, you get liberty to discuss your queries or solutions with your colleagues and doctors personally. You can also "share your achievements" which will increase your priority amongst our users. Doctors can create as well as share professional videos for free. Doctors can publish notes, informing our users about any heath related issue. Doctors can also challenge solutions of other doctors as well other professionals like lawyers. Doctors can start debate on any concerned topic with other doctors, colleagues, students or lawyers on our Live Debate feature. You can also discuss questions and their solution with experienced doctors. Doctors and lawyers can also share their concerns with each other.

You can even stay connected with multiple doctors of your choice. All you need to do is just add them to your utility list. With your utility list you can stay connected with Experienced Doctors of your choice from anywhere in India.


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