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Debate is the activity that brings the art of reading, thinking and speaking together in one place. Debate develops skills and knowledge that helps students to develop a civic and political identity. Debate is an art that every individual must possess.

In Plunes, now students or any user can showcase their debating talents with our live debate feature. We give students liberty to choose their own debate topic. Very few website offer such an opportunity to students where they can freely express their views on any issue. We offer intellectuals a user -friendly platform to debate and earn.

We have voting feature where user can vote for their favourite debater. Users can shift their votes anytime, so participants should remain active and come up with new ideas and views. Outsider who is watching live debate can also give their valuable views in the comment box.

We also have an extra option that is Dissent. If user does not agree with any of the debater can click Dissent button. Debaters can ask their colleagues to join their debate to earn more votes. Each debater can ask two more colleagues to join them in live debates.

So it is a great platform to learn, enhance your skills and earn as well.