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Social media is a great platform to meet new people, encourage communication, and find new job prospects and have many other advantages. But everything has pros and cons. Social media nowadays is doing more harm to people than good. Students these days waste their time on social media scrolling pages for news feeds, trolls and memes.

Students enjoy wasting their time on trivial activities on social media. Most of the students cannot focus on their studies due to social media distraction. People fear of missing out something trending on social media makes them crazy and anxious. Youth involvement on social media is responsible for their declining productivity, lack of general awareness, lack of focus. According to many studies students that spend lots of time on social media are prone to suffer from depression.


PLUNES is a utility network that provide students a platform to learn and earn. We have numerous features like discourse, live debates and video editing software to enhance skills and capabilities of students connected with us for free.

Discourse is a PLUNES exclusive feature which gives you a unique platform to engage productively with their colleagues. You can discuss various important topics with your friends or our expert professionals. PLUNES rate discourse on scale of 1 to 10 to encourage you to participate in more discourse. You can display your Productive Discourse Factor with your colleagues and show them how productive your discourse was.

Live Debate is PLUNES another productive feature to enhance your debating skills. Debates boosts your ability to structure and organize your thoughts. Debate is an art that every individual must possess. Online Debate develops skills and knowledge that helps students to develop a civic and political identity. PLUNES is the best platform for students to showcase and improve their debating skills. You can raise any topic you deem important to debate. Students can also earn at by debating. First person to receive 50 votes in live debate is rewarded with one thousand rupees (Rs1000). So it is a unique platform to learn, enhance your skills and earn as well.

At PLUNES, experience nuances of professional field with our top doctors and lawyers online. Enjoy real time experience of solving client's concerns with our experienced professionals (Lawyers and Doctors).You can connect with top professional and get an opportunity to join internship in their reputed firms or clinics.

PLUNES also offer students to enrol in our online internship. Internships are important for college students to gain relevant facts, proficiency, skills and also built the foundation of a respected field. Internships are must and carry major worth in an individual resume. College students face problems as internships are hard and time-consuming and sometimes enrolling internships results in short attendance and unsatisfactory academic results.


At PLUNES, you can enrol in our student ambassador program and earn sitting at your home.

Students can create video CV or video presentations in real -time with PLUNES exclusive video editing software. It is the best online video editing software available online for free. It is faster than Adobe and provides you free unlimited cloud storage. We have numerous video editing features. Add various shapes, headers, texts, images, subtitles, graphs, filters, background music, frames etc. with our editing application. Students can share their videos on and get reliable feedbacks and appreciations from our general users as well as expert lawyers and doctors before posting or sending your video.