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Create Video CV

"Video CV" is a short video created by candidates to showcase their skills to the employers rather than old traditional written CV’s and resumes, hence leaving a great impression. For instance, while giving an interview most of us get nervous and are not able to perform remarkably and hence exhaust a great chance. Therefore, "video CV" is our saviour which gives us time and our comfort zone to express ourselves creatively and confidently.


With an "Online Video CV Maker", it is easier for candidates to present themselves before potential employer.  We can also add clips of performance-based work, like stage performances. It is an effective and trending way to get highlighted among other applicants. For some job seekers, particularly ones in visual fields, designing or in hospitality sector can leverage our free video editing software .


Add Multiple Shapes

PLUNES video editing software gives you the freedom to introduce multiple shapes like square, triangle, cloud etc. You can insert any image, text or video inside these shapes and can create innovative videos to draw employer's attention.

Add Headers & Texts

With our video editing maker, you can use various unique fonts to create appealing content. You have the liberty to add different background colors to make your content more captivating, effective and readable.

Insert Subtitles

Our video editing software offers you a unique and outstanding feature to add subtitles in your videos. It helps others to understand your videos easily without missing any of your valuable word or dialogue .Introducing subtitles will engage and attract more viewers to your video.


Add Graphs/Charts

Our add graph option helps you to represent your performance graphically in your video CV. We provide you multiple graphs like pie charts and bar charts to add onto your video. Graphical information makes it easy for viewers to access your performances and capabilities easily.

Add Images

Adding image makes your video attractive, captivating and appealing which helps you to engage more and more viewers. PLUNES online resume maker helps you to add images effortlessly onto your video increasing your audience base.

Introduce Multiple Videos

Now in PLUNES, we provide you add video feature which helps you to add multiple videos to your video CV. You can use this feature to show your capabilities to your potential viewers by adding glimpses of your stage performances or any of your achievements. You can compare multiple videos using this feature.


Use Filters

Applying filters to your video helps you to add unique look to your videos. Show your creativity by using PLUNES unique filters to enhance your videos remarkably. Experience awesome filters and apply them effortlessly.

Add Background Music

You can add background music to your videos to make them more engaging and appealing. Just upload your audio files and specify entry exit time according to your need. You can use multiple background music in your video to highlight your creativeness to potential viewers.

Crop & Merge Videos

With PLUNES video maker you can effortlessly and quickly crop your videos. Our Cropping feature helps you to edit extraneous and unreliable content from your videos easily. This feature helps you to create short, effective and engaging videos for your views.


Video CV describes the individual's skills and experience and is typically used to supplement a paper resume. Video CV helps employers to get an overview of the candidate’s communication skills, attitude, and confidence. Therefore, here you get a chance to stand among others as well as recruiters can save their time and can identify potential applicants instantly. Video Resume creates a perfect first impression, sells your skills and shows your sense of technology.




Create your own Video CV & Presentation FREE


Now finding a "good video resume maker template" and tool can be a hectic and time-consuming task for anyone. Why waste time and money in finding one? We have an easy solution for it. PLUNES offers you user friendly "video editing software" where you can create video CV for free. It is the best online resume maker available. You can create your own video cv, video tutorials, video presentations at PLUNES.


It is faster than adobe and provides you free cloud storage. You can edit your videos in real time. We offer you excellent video editing features where you can add shapes, text, images, graphs, filters and background music.


You can create a video up to 200Mb. You can also share your video CV with your colleagues on our network before sending it to an employer to receive appreciation and reliable feedbacks. Undergraduates and graduates a great chance to showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper resume. No need to download huge software for video editing anymore when you can access our excellent online software free of cost.


There are some websites available online to create video CV and presentations like Sparhkire, Biteable etc. These sites are paid and not very user friendly.

They do not even provide any free storage facilities. Whereas PLUNES video editing application is a platform where you can not only create video CVs and Presentations but also edit your videos online in real time. We also offer you free cloud storage up to 200 MB for every video.