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  • Santhosh Kumar May 14 at 11:48 am

    Check d nomination name and if u r legal heir,apply for Grant of probate,this vl work only when ur dad has not writtened any will in anybodyz name regarding the property

  • Abhijeet Pimpalwadkar Jun 01 at 11:57 pm

    mam....pls check whether who is nominee of the account holder

  • Manoj Singh May 12 at 07:20 pm

    It's not always advisable to enter in an unwanted litigation. Bank demands NOC from all the children if any of parents dies but it's strange that bank is demanding the NOC of siblings. Once again clarify from the concerned bank.

  • Badre Alam May 10 at 10:46 pm

    First ,you may file petition under section 275 & 278 of indian succession act 1925 before the competent court at law and make the all possible legal heirs as a party including state, you may publish notice of court as per direction of courts in a national news paper as per your cost and directed by the court , and after proper proceedings before coury you may file 2.5% coury feed of valuation of assets ,then court grant you succession cerficate in your name, it may take some time ,please keep patient, if you want me hire seek consultation via whatsapp or phone then please call me at my number 9654209124.

  • Nagesh B l May 10 at 10:27 pm

    File suit for getting probate and when u get probate you do not need any Nov from anybody then you can produce to bank and claim it.

  • Lasitha Kovukkal May 10 at 10:05 pm

    From your words it is not clear whether her deceased father made any nominees at the time of opening the account. If there is any nominees name has entered in the account opening application , those nominees has the right to withdraw the amount from the concerned Bank. still they have the right to withdraw the amount from the Bank only. They have to given that amount to the legal heirs of the deceased person in whose name the account opened. If there is no nominees , then the legal heirs of the deceased person have to approcuh the concerned Munsiff court to get a succession certificate regarding this aspect. and after obtaining the succession certificate they can approach the concerned bank and the Bank will allow those successors as per the certificate issued by the court. If the nominees are there and they are intending to withdraw the money and to cheat the legal heirs of the deceased without giving that amount to them, then before getting the succession certificate itself, they have to move an injunction suit to restrict or restrain the nominees from withdrawing the amount in the account of the deceased person. I don't understand why yopu are bothering above mentioned uncles . As far as law is concerned uncle will not get any claim over the money deposited by your father. So you need not wait for the NOC of your uncle.

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