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Bhakti Thakur

Location Thane

Area of Expertise Criminal Law, Family Law, Labour, Property Law

Experience of Practice 10 years

Practising at District Court Thane

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Bhakti Thakur offered the solution

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    Private User asked for solution

    Feb 02 at 09:48 pm

    hello mam, if someone is not having the bill of his property of 7 years and the other person is having the bills then is it can happen the property is said to be of a person having a bill and the person can loose his property without any fault?

  • Bhakti Thakur offered a solution

    Feb 21 at 01:46 pm

    bills are not evidence for ownership. 9820828280

  • Sathya narayanan Subramanian Feb 13 at 03:43 pm

    By Bill, I presume that you are talking about Property Tax. Anyone can pay property tax on your behalf, and that doesn't make him or her the owner. Who owns the title of the property is the current owner. Check your local registrar office for Encumbrance Certificate on your property. Let me kno read more

  • Swastika Kumari Feb 07 at 10:47 am

    I have to see the document first only then I will be able to advise you. Merely having will is not enough to decide the ownership of certain property.

Bhakti Thakur commented on the post

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    Diksha Sharma asked for solution

    Sep 07 at 11:51 am

    My landlord is continuously threatening me, even at midnight he comes fully drunk on my gate, and even he warning me if I file any kind of FIR he will sue me back for doing illegal practices in my flat (As he is having good political connections) Even I tried once to file a FIR but no response from the police station. I am so depressed with all this. I live in Delhi for my job. And I am from Assam.

  • Bhakti Thakur Nov 17 at 03:04 pm

    is your rent agreement registered?

  • Manoj Singh Sep 20 at 01:16 pm

    For further queries, you can contact me on 8588855429

  • Manoj Singh Sep 20 at 01:14 pm

    Don't worry Ms. Sharma. You just give a written compalaint to the Officer Incharge of concerned police station. After one week, you file an RTI application to know the status of your application and action taken by the police.

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Bhakti Thakur commented on the post

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    Private User asked for solution

    Jun 03 at 10:47 am

    Dear team, Seek support. I am staying in Bandra west near Mount Mery Kandeshwari Mandir Road since 1987. But now as per government norms, my residence address some builder start the new construction. Same he said at the time of in building possession, he will me 4 flats. Before demonstration my property I have 4 flats but light bill and light meter only 1. Builder my property broken 2005. Then he said I will give you the possession within 2 years. Now still he not yet give me the possession. We are suffering last 11 years. Now building is completed, but builder give me only 1 flats. Last 11 years builder give me 4 Room in transit camp. All rooms I have paid last 11 years maintenance charge every month. Builders cheat with me, apart for me builders my secraty person handover to 7 flat allocated. Where my secretary not have any proof. My grand father is heart patients, if I have not received my proper flat, so I loss my family. Because my family in approx 16 people. Builder give me only 1 flats, which is 1 room kitchen for SRA projects. This is 235 sqft approx. Before demonstrating I have 5 separate room. Pls advise me. Regards, Pravin Mishra Mumbai

  • Bhakti Thakur Jun 12 at 04:46 pm

    Dear Sir, Serve legal Notice through registered post to your builder with regard to your final terms with him. if he is not answering to legal notice you can file a suit claiming injunction and ask for permanent relief

  • Vaibhav Tripathi Jun 05 at 01:28 am

    Dear Mr MishraDo u have any agreement with builder regarding this matter,if yes u can file a suit against him in appropriate court

  • Private User Jun 03 at 10:53 am

    Request you to please kindly help action priority basis.

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Bhakti Thakur appreciated the post

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    Private User asked for solution

    Jun 07 at 11:14 am

    after 8 years llove affair they got married. after marriage girl was not comfortable in their backward, male dominated atmosphere. so there were frequent quarrels. It culminated into initiation domestic violence. To prevent unforeseen circumstances I had to call back my daughter. Thereafter we requested boy's family to work out solution for comfortable married life but no use.4 months of separation are over. Boy has abandoned my daughter and stopped any form of communication by switching off mobile.Now we do not no where he is. We seek divorce by mutual consent failing which we want ot seek divirce. Please advise. Call on N L GORE, 9167948485

  • Bhakti Thakur offered a solution

    Jun 07 at 02:24 pm

    Dear Sir, It is necessary to lodge a police complaint under Domestic Violence Act and serve first legal notice of divorce to her husband's postal address through registered post. you can pursue for mutual divorce if both are agree and available for it else you need to file divorce independently.

  • Medha Shahi Jun 03 at 02:24 pm

    Under Section 13-B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, the parties can seek divorce by mutual consent by filing a petition before the court. The parties intending to dissolve marriage are required to wait for at least one year from the date of marriage .They have to show that they have been living sepa read more

  • Santhosh Kumar May 14 at 11:45 am

    Follow step by step the court vl ask xplanation..first serve notice then file case ,ofcourse court vl take time to give mutual divorce but think nd proceed..even court vl try to solve this issues mutually but once agreed by both parties then court vl issue divorce..think twice nd act wise

  • Abhishek Upadhyay May 01 at 08:25 pm

    U can make the legal form the court for the Domestic Violence against him ,court will call him for the full talk if he will not came to the court , court will pass the order for arresting him then surely he should came to the court , other wise he gonna ruined his own family and own life try this go read more

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