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Sarvesh Giri

Location Mumbai

Area of Expertise Business Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property, Property Law

Experience of Practice 3 years

Practising at Bombay high court, city civil court at mumbai and dindoshi, small causes court at mumbai

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Sarvesh Giri commented on the post

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    Private User asked for solution

    Oct 27 at 03:47 pm

    You work for a company with a famous trademark that is very well known. One day, you discover that another company has started to use your mark on an unrelated good. You fear this may tarnish the reputation your company has built over the years. You should ask the other company to stop what they are doing on the basis of which of the following?

  • Abhilasha Wanmali offered a solution

    Nov 01 at 11:38 pm

    Same trademark can be used for otger class of product if you have not taken trademark for that class too

Sarvesh Giri commented on the post

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    Private User asked for solution

    Oct 28 at 08:22 pm

    My father is having two child me and my brother. We are not very grown up. My father want to divide his property between us. I donot want it now. What is law for giving it afterwards to my brother and me. Is there any law that it can be given to me and my brother after wards? And what will be it procedure?

  • Sarvesh Giri Dec 02 at 11:05 am

    See as such law does not prescribe a time for dividing a property. In this case, you are minor it seems, you you can take up the property and till you attain the age of majority, your father can be the testamentary guardian. Same was the case in my personal property. My grandfather share property be read more

Sarvesh Giri commented on the post

  • Avatar

    Nandamala Devi asked for solution

    Oct 29 at 10:44 pm

    which law constitute the intelletual property law ? is it include the law regarding the family properties and the inheritance property of a family ? how can we understand the depute of the family property is under the intellectual property law ?

  • Sarvesh Giri Dec 02 at 10:59 am

    intellectual property can be inherited....

  • Ankith Agarwal Nov 11 at 11:22 pm

    No intellectual property law doesn't cover the family property and inheritence. It is covered under the Hindu Law if you are a Hindu and other personal laws, inheritence in some cases is also governed under Indian succession act.

Sarvesh Giri commented on the post

  • Avatar

    Private User asked for solution

    Oct 31 at 03:26 pm

    hi hello i have the problem of dispute property with my cousine so i want know about the solution if you will give me the solution then it would be helpfull to me thanks what is the solution please tell me

  • Sarvesh Giri Dec 02 at 10:08 am

    You have not elaborated your solution, but since I can understand it is a matter of dispute within family members. So I would suggest you to take up mediation rather than court case. The advantage is that you shall get quicker solution with less cost as the court shall prove expensive.

  • Ankith Agarwal Nov 11 at 11:18 pm

    What is the dispute and over which property. Kindly elaborate your question for better suggestion and advice. Property dispute can be many types partition, gift, family arrangements, ancestral property etc

Sarvesh Giri commented on the post

  • Avatar

    Private User asked for solution

    Oct 31 at 04:25 pm

    Does an appeal in a bankruptcy keep the automatic stay? I'm being sued in a state I just moved from, I was not probably served the summons for my court date.?Please give me the solution for the both questions

  • Sarvesh Giri Dec 02 at 10:05 am

    Sir your question is not clear whether you filed and appeal or there is an appeal filed by oppositions. If you have filed an appeal, then the lower court order is deemed to be stayed. Thats why when you file an appeal, the first interim injunction you seek is to stay the order of lower court.

  • Ankith Agarwal Nov 11 at 11:15 pm

    No unless a stay order is passed. The lower court order will prevail. If no summons were served how you got the information case is filed against you. You should have got notice. If not, a paper publication will be done and you will be asked to appear. The moment you receive the notice. Inform the read more

Sarvesh Giri commented on the post

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    Private User asked for solution

    Nov 01 at 04:12 pm

    In the intellectual property is the trade mark come under this property.Can i know about the trade mark and what are the actions come under this law.Can you list the actions which are coming under this property law which is helpful to everyone.

  • Sarvesh Giri Dec 02 at 10:03 am

    Yes there are 5 types of Intellectual Properties on which one shall be the Trademark. There are 2 types of actions for which remedies can be sought for i.e. Infringement and passing off. Theses two concepts are like an ocean within themselves but different from each other. The owner can sue the infr read more

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