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Nivetha George

A very committed and object oriented Legal Strategist, with pivotal focus in organisational structuring; experienced in providing comprehensive Legal solutions that spheres sustainable organisational growth with special focus in risk and liability mitigat

Location Chennai

Area of Expertise Business Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property, Property Law

Experience of Practice 4 years

Practising at Madras high court

Education Honours in Law || Masters in Corporate Law

College/University School of Excellence in Law


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Nivetha George offered the solution

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    Adhikaansh Tayal asked for solution

    Apr 16 at 03:41 pm

    How can one transfer property from one person name to another without paying stamp duty ? I have a property in delhi and I name to be transferred to my sister whose name should appear on the property how can i do this legally without paying stamp duty or any other fees to government and external agencies ?

  • Nivetha George offered a solution

    Apr 16 at 04:02 pm

    Warm Greetings Mr. Tayal,

  • Nivetha George offered a solution

    Apr 16 at 04:09 pm

    What you have asked for is a scenario wherein stamp duty need not be paid, however so the transaction you stated seems to fall under either settlement or Gift, in both cases the amendments of Transfer of Property Act and the Local Delhi Stamp Act are stating Registration cost. However, transferring cost can be avoided only in case of a Registered Will being in existence, wherein you have mentioned your sister as a beneficiary, in which case - the Will needs to be Registered and will be given effect at a later stage post you’re enjoyment of the property. I am afraid there is no direct means of property transfer by avoiding stamp duty / registration cost otherwise. Do keep me posted on any future enquires. Thanks and Regards, Adv. Nivetha B.A.B.L(Hons), MBA, MCL, BC Legal & Audit

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